On the night of July 4, 1956, Elvis, Scotty Moore, Bill Black and D.J. Fontana were tasked with spearheading a benefit concert in Russwood Park, Memphis in front of approximately 14,000 fans (although it is believed that the actual attendance may have been slightly less) in the early morning hours so that we could stand as close to the stage as possible.
A benefit concert.
From Memphis Press-Scimitar for the Cynthia Milk Fund and the Variety Club House for Children in Recovery.
It featured over 100 performers, supported by the Aaron Bluestein and Bob Morris groups
Although the band closed for the last half hour, they volunteered to perform at the event that lasted more than three hours. The Jordanaires also flew to Memphis and appeared as surprise guests.

The concert was held two days after the RCA recording sessions and 3 days after Elvis performance on the Steve Allen Show in New York and he had to admit that his performances were in a way humiliating for him, to show to the conservative and uptight society of the time, as someone who dressed in a frock coat and sang to a Basset hound.
Elvis felt so humiliated by the treatment he received in New York that he decided to do this concert without any imposition, without any censorship, and he presented it to his audience as it really was.
Dewey Phillips hosted the show while the local police, fire department and marine beach patrol provided security.
Elvis was driven to the park in a patrol car, but when the fans heard him coming, they surrounded the vehicle.
Elvis was escorted to the stage by all the security personnel involved, and Scotty told us that when he went upstairs, “Kandemonium” was unleashed.

When he finally made it on stage, Elvis looked spectacular, dressed in all black, except for the tie and red socks. The frenzy erupted as fans rose from their seats and piled chaotically at the foot of the stage.
As a reward
At the entrance, he presented them with a $600 gold ring, his initials encrusted with 14 diamonds.
At one point in the concert, Elvis performed with absolute joy and confidence, addressing the crowd after the humiliation in New York and telling them: ‘You know, these people of New York are not going to change me in any way,’ he said. “Tonight I’m going to show you what the real Elvis is like”.
Elvis put on a spectacular show and electrified and drove his audience crazy, singing and moving as he always did.

The repertoire of the concert was as follows:
“Heartbreak Hotel”, “Mistery Train”, “I Have a Woman”, “I Want You, I Need You, I Love You”, “I Was the One”, “Tall Tall Sally”, “Blue Suede Shoes” and he would end the concert with the song that caused a public scandal: “Hound Dog”.
His performance lasted about half an hour.
At the end of the show Elvis retired with great security, with the Police, Fire Brigade and Navy, but still the fans attacked the car… but Elvis was smiling as the car drove through the crowd. He was happy, he was at home with his family, who had accompanied him to the concert, and he had won a victory and recognition he would never forget. A great night in his career.
The concert raised about 13.500 dollars for charity.
Today Elvis ascended from Memphis into eternity.
You can see a snippet of his performance in the link below:

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