On January 15, 16 and 23, 1958, recording sessions for the movie “King Creole” took place. Elvis recorded at Hollywood Radio Recorders Studio B.
On February 11, they started again at the Paramount Sound Stage, Hollywood.
On January 10, 1958, Elvis, Scotty and the band checked into the Hollywood Knickerbocker Hotel to stay during the recording sessions.
They would work on the soundtrack before filming began on the movie.
Although they were working with Elvis again and everyone was very happy, Elvis’ next hire threatened everyone’s future and safety. They didn’t know if they would continue working for Elvis or if Elvis would have a future in the music world after he left the army.

Nobody really knew. It was a question that Elvis asked again and again because his future was up in the air. But the present was stronger and he was going to put all his illusion and his will to work as an actor in the great movie he was going to be in because it was special for Elvis and it was a great opportunity to work with great professionals in the movie industry.
It was a very difficult step for Elvis, he was afraid that people would forget him, there were many questions to ask about the future, everything was a bit chaotic for him. But Elvis was very cheerful and always took his work with enthusiasm. The filming and recording of King Creole gave him hope and strength to move forward.
So it proved to be one of his best movies, one of his best movies, and also the best soundtrack.

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