Elvis Presley with a baby kangaroo

In early June 1957, during the filming of Jailhouse Rock, the MGM reception department received a cage from Australia intended for Elvis, with a baby kangaroo inside.
Elvis and his friends arrived from the set as quickly as possible.
Hollywood reserve agent Lee Gordon sent a Wallaby kangaroo from Australia to Elvis.
What is a Wallaby? That’s what Elvis wanted to find out when a strange-looking box with a postmark from Sydney Australia appeared in the MGM studio that week.
The Colonel was always thinking about doing something: ‘We’re going to make him the official Elvis mascot for Jailhouse Rock,’ he said.

So the news was published by the press and the kangaroo was photographed with Elvis.
“Someone came on set and told me a Wallaby had been sent to me.” Elvis said dragging out the words…. ”Wow, I was disappointed when I opened the box and found a baby kangaroo!”
Elvis said he hoped a Wallaby would be “cute” and was surprised to learn it wasn’t wearing a skirt.
Wallaby sent to Memphis zoo, ”Elvis Presley’s Wallaby, pet of JAILHOUSE ROCK-MGM”
The movie studio was no home for a kangaroo. Elvis gifted it to the zoo so that everyone could enjoy the precious animal and receive the right care.

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