Sera Kuhn Elvis Memory

Sera Kuhn Elvis Memory

Few women can boast of having been kissed by music legend Elvis Presley, but 79-year-old Rose Knox-Peebles can – and she remembers the moment as one of the best moments of her life. The London-based writer and artist had gone to Las Vegas in 1970 to see Elvis perform, when the opportunity arose when he suddenly came down from the stage and walked through the audience.
Rose will remember this for the rest of her life. Rose says: “My husband Brian and I were Elvis fans, so we thought we should go and see him perform. So we traveled there and went to the dinner and evening show. We were sitting right at the back.” “Everyone else must have tipped the maitre d’ and got good seats, but we didn’t, so we sat right at the back. During the show, Elvis came down from the stage and started walking through the audience.

I couldn’t believe it, then he put his hands around my face and kissed me” Rose said she felt like a teenager – even though she was 30 at the time.
She explained: “It was absolutely wonderful and it was everything I thought it would be like kissing Elvis. “It was great. Of course he kissed me on the mouth – I just felt the pressure of his lips and that’s what I remember. Then I thought: ‘Should I wash my face?
A while later, Rose and her husband went to see an Elvis movie in London’s Leicester Square. “I couldn’t believe it, I was in the movie,” said Rose. “Brian suddenly said: ‘Look, you’re kissing Elvis’. They included me kissing Elvis as part of this movie. It’s amazing that we have this clip that we can look back on.”

Sera Kuhn

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