An Apple for Mrs. Scrivener: Elvis’s Act of Gratitude

During his senior year at L.C. Humes High School in 1953, Elvis’ history teacher was Mildred Scrivener. She was also his homeroom teacher. One day, Elvis was caught eating an apple in her class. This was unusual because the school had a strict rule of no eating outside the cafeteria. Mrs. Scrivener did not reprimand Elvis for eating in class, nor did she stop him from finishing the apple. She knew that he came from a very poor family, and surmised that he did not have any money to buy lunch in the cafeteria. She could not force herself to stop him from eating, even though she knew she was allowing him to break the rules. The following day, Mrs. Scrivener found a bright red apple sitting on her desk. She knew right away that it was Elvis’ way of thanking her.

Elvis's Act of Gratitude

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