Elvis Presley’s Favorite On-Stage Drink was Gatorade and Mountain valley spring water.

Whenever Elvis took to the stage throughout the 1970s, you could usually see a full jar of Gatorade somewhere around him.

Elvis really loved this drink, the original Lime flavor especially, and some fans even wondered if the brand sponsored Presley because he drank it so much.

As far as we know, he was not, Elvis was just a really big fan of the beverage, and he wasn’t shy about sharing his love for it either .

During some of his shows in 1970, Elvis famously said into the microphone:

“This is Gatorade — in case you want to aid your gator.”

At another show, he also claimed he thought the drink “worked 10x faster than water.”

There’s some truth to that last quote, too, as Gatorade is literally made to provide better levels of hydration, so it is a great choice for a performer.

Elvis also added to his joke regarding it working faster than water so if the show finishes quicker, that’s why. During a concert filmed for ELVIS that’s the way it is, He said the Gatorade looks like it’s already been used, making a joke about the Lime color. 

We all know that he drank Mountain valley spring water which he called ” wa wa”. ELVIS drank that at home at Graceland and it was on the LISA MARIE jet as well. 

But he was recommended Gatorade for live performances due to the electrolytes he would lose each performance with his energetic shows.

Hence drinking it on stage in the 70s. He obviously still drank water in conjunction and whenever away from the stage.

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