Nancy Sharpe seems to be the girl Elvis wanted to hide.
Elvis was careful not to show their relationship,
but although there was some outward hint of romance, it was contained.
When the film was finished, Elvis returned home to Memphis and five weeks later, on November 11, 1960 he returned to begin shooting “Wild in the Country,” the Jerry Wald production. Nancy was assigned to this film at Elvis’ request. The film began production in Napa, California, and it was here that the two were finally seen for the first time holding hands, walking arm in arm, stealing furtive kisses during picnic lunches, and making their relationship visible.
Let’s not forget that Elvis was in a steady dating relationship with Anita Wood, which lasted from 1957 to 1962.
Which did not preclude his numerous affairs and love affairs, which Anita had to suffer throughout her relationship with Elvis and which were the tonic of his entire life.
“She’s a great girl. I admire her a lot and we enjoy a lot together,” Elvis said of Nancy. “We see each other about once a week. That’s all the time we get to be together. Sometimes I see other girls and I guess she sees other men. But we’ve never talked about marriage.”

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