Elvis I’ve lost You – 11 August 1970 Dinner Show

Elvis I’ve lost You - 11 August 1970 Dinner Show

Amongst the selection of songs that Elvis included in his set list for his third Las Vegas season, and which had recently been recorded the previous June in Nashville was I’ve Lost You. The song was of the type which Elvis always enjoyed getting his teeth into, with it’s attractive, catchy melody and a chorus that he could attack with the power that his voice had now developed. The studio version was just the second song recorded on 4 June, the very first day of recordings, but it would be a live version which would be released on the upcoming That’s The Way It Is. The studio version however, would have to wait a few years before finding itself on an album.

The studio version did however, find itself released as a single and found some success particularly in the Europe, where it became a major hit reaching number 6 in Belgium and number 9 in the UK. As far as the live renditions are concerned, this is surely the best of the three recorded over the six days that RCA were present, from 11 August dinner show, and was subsequently released on the That’s The Way It Is album. However, it was the version from twenty four hours later that was included in the original edit of the 1970 movie, but that version however, is notable for the solo oboe (or cor anglais) which gets out of time with the rest of the band at the beginning of the song.

Elvis would continue to use the song throughout this Las Vegas engagement, even after the cameras had stopped filming. He would then keep it as part of his set list during his first concert tour of the 1970’s, but would be dropped at the cessation of this tour, receiving it’s final rendition during his show in The Mobile Municipal Auditorium on 14 September 1970.

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