Elvis Presley – Amazing Grace – From First Take to the Master

“Amazing Grace” is a well-known Christian hymn that has been performed by various artists, including Elvis Presley. The song holds special significance due to its powerful lyrics and emotional depth.

Regarding Elvis Presley’s rendition of “Amazing Grace,” there is a popular narrative that suggests he spontaneously sang a version of the song during a recording session. The story goes that during a break while recording the song “He Touched Me” on March 10, 1972, at RCA Studio C in Hollywood, Presley began to sing “Amazing Grace” for fun. The musicians and backup singers joined in, creating an impromptu and heartfelt rendition of the hymn.

This initial performance of “Amazing Grace” was captured on tape and later released as part of various Elvis albums, such as “He Touched Me: The Gospel Music of Elvis Presley.” The raw and genuine nature of this first take, with Elvis’s powerful voice and the spontaneity of the moment, resonated with audiences.

While this initial take is cherished by many, it’s important to note that Elvis Presley’s studio recordings often underwent several takes and post-production processes before being finalized for official releases. In the case of “Amazing Grace,” the initial recording was eventually refined into a more polished version that was released as part of his gospel music albums.

The exact details of the transformation from the first take to the master version might vary depending on the specific release and album. Elvis’s approach to recording often involved multiple takes and careful consideration of arrangements, vocal performances, and instrumentation.

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