Elvis Presley – Return to Sender – Song Meaning

elvis presley return to sender

The song “Return to Sender” was written by Winfield Scott and Otis Blackwell and recorded by Elvis Presley in 1962. It was featured in the film “Girls! Girls! Girls!”.

The song is about a man who sends a letter to his ex-lover, but she refuses to read it. She writes “Return to Sender” on it and has it sent back to him. The man is hurt and confused by her rejection, but he also knows that he deserves it.

The song’s lyrics are simple but effective. The chorus, “Return to sender, address unknown. No such number, no such zone”, captures the feeling of rejection and despair that the man is feeling. The verses describe his attempts to contact his ex-lover, but they are met with silence and rejection.

“Return to Sender” is a powerful song about the pain of rejection. It is a reminder that rejection is a part of life, and that we need to learn to deal with it.

While the song is quite upbeat and even danceable in its musical arrangement, the lyrics convey a sense of longing, confusion, and hurt. The repetition of the phrase “Return to sender” emphasizes the idea of a failed attempt to reconnect with the past, and the overall tone of the song is a mix of sadness and frustration.


Return to sender
Return to sender

I gave a letter to the postman
He put it in his sack
Bright early next morning
He brought my letter back

Return to sender, address unknown
No such number, no such zone
We had a quarrel, a lover’s spat
I write I’m sorry, but my letter keeps coming back

So then I dropped it in the mailbox
And sent it special D
Bright and early next morning
It came right back to me

Return to sender, address unknown
No such person, no such zone

This time I’m gonna take it myself and put it right in her hand
And if it comes back the very next day then I’ll understand

Return to sender, address unknown
No such number, no such zone

Return to sender
Return to sender


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