Elvis recorded the song “Memories” on June 23, 1968, at Western Recorders, Studio

Elvis recorded the song “Memories” on June 23, 1968, at the Western Recorders, Studio 1 in Hollywood, for the TV program “Elvis: Comeback Special”, to be broadcasted on NBC.
This beautiful ballad was composed by two great composers, Mac Davis and Billy Strange.
They were asked to compose this song, in a somewhat rushed manner, for the program, but they had no problem composing the song immediately. It was Mac Davis who was the real mastermind of writing it in Billy Strange’s own garage in one night. They were asked to write a song that recalled Elvis’ past, looking back in time, his life and his feelings, to be aired on the special.

Elvis worked with songwriters Billy Strange and Mac Davis on numerous occasions, such as the film ‘Live A Little, Love A Little’. Their song ”A Little Less Conversation” had been used in that film and for a while it was considered that it would be used in this TV special. In the end it was not.
Billy Strange and Mac Davis also wrote ”Nothingville”, which would be included in the program.
The recording sessions at Western Recorders began on June 20, 1968. The musicians used on this special were some of the best of the day, many were part of the superb collective of session musicians The Wrecking Crew. The group was formed in the early 1960s as a de facto band for Phil Spector.
“Memories, pressing between the pages of my thoughts.
Memories, sweetened through time like fine wine.
Quiet thoughts that float in
And gently alight on the ground
Like golden autumn leaves around my feet
And as I touch them they become sweet memories,
Sweet memories…”
A most beautiful theme, full of sweetness and melancholy, and full of nostalgia, of feelings of the past. A song to remember, that Elvis made immortal.

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