October 15 – Today in Elvis History

October 15, 1954

Elvis, Scotty and Bill played Eagle’s Nest in Memphis, a nightclub over the changing room at the Clearpool complex. Also on the bill: Tiny Dixon Band and The Eagles

October 15, 1955

Elvis performed at the Fair Park Coliseum, Lubbock, Texas,

Kenneth Don Shinn (bouncer), Ralph Lowe Jr., Scotty and Elvis onstage at the Cotton Club – Oct. 15, 1955

October 15, 1956

Elvis and Gene Smith travelled back from San Antonio to Memphis by plane.

October 15, 1958

October 15, 1967

Elvis in  Arizona for Stay Away, Joe 

October 15, 1968

Elvis worked at the Samuel Goldwyn Studios soundstage at 2 songs for his movie Charro from 7.00 p.m. till midnight.

October 15, 1970

Elvis was in Memphis. He went shopping and bought a shoulder holster. A couple of days before he was given an official badge which permitted him to carry a pistol.

In the evening he attended The Gospel Quartet Convention at Ellis Auditorium where he was introduced to the audience by James Blackwood, leader of the Blackwood Brothers.

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