Elvis – January 10

  • 1956

Elvis arrives in RCA Studio at McGavick Street. He works from 2.00 till 10.00 PM. and recorded his first sides for his new label. Among the early Elvis songs laid to tape during this studio session are Heartbreak Hotel, I Got A Woman and Money Honey.

Elvis was backed by his stage drummer, D.J. Fontana for the first time in the studio, in addition to Scotty Moore, Lead Guitar and Bill Black Bassist who were contracted to Elvis, along with RCA guitarist Chet Atkins, piano player Floyd Cramer, Gordon Stoker of the Jordanaires and two members (Ben and Brock) of the Speer Family gospel group in an eight-hour recording session.

But everyone agreed: they didn’t catch the sound Elvis wanted. There is too much echo effect, and the sound is nothing like Sam Philips had created in the Sun studios. Elvis was very disappointed.

RCA even phones Sam Phillips who tells them to let Elvis produce the session and a little about how to place the microphones. For Heartbreak Hotel, the studio door is left open, the hallway creating the echo. The sound of a coke bottle being dispensed is included on the master take. Experimental sounds adding theatrical ambiance.

RCA worried they had gotten the wrong guy – should it have been Carl Perkins – Blue Suede Shoes was out on Sun.

  • 1957

Elvis, Gene Smith, Cliff Gleaves and Bitsy Mott left by train for Los Angeles, where they checked into the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. Elvis was scheduled to record for RCA over the weekend before starting work on the soundtrack for his new Paramount picture.

  • 1958

Elvis took the train to Los Angeles with Alan Fortas, Gene Smith, Cliff Gleaves and Bitsy Mott.

  • 1959

Elvis was in Germany serving the United States Army. On this date Elvis went on an evening date with German actress Vera Tschechowa. The first date was reportedly for publicity. Elvis and Vera did see each other several more times.

  • 1969

Elvis was in Dallas Texas with 2 Memphis Mafia guys.

  • 1970

Elvis and the band begin rehearsals for the next Vegas engagement at the International. Rehearsals were held at In the RCA studio on Sunset in Las Vegas. Ronnie Tutt had been unable to reach an agreement on salary and was replaced by Bob Lanning. James Burton recruited his friend Glen D. Hardin on piano. Cissy Houston too, has departed to be replaced for a time by Ann Williams in The Sweet Inpirations. Elvis wanted to change the repertoire from his first Vegas appearance. So Proud Mary, Polk Salad Annie, Walk A Mile In My Shoes and Sweet Caroline were added to the show, including some songs from his own recently recorded work.

  • 1973

The Aloha Show rehearsals: The full orchestra was present now and the rehearsals continued with.

Longtime producer Felton Jarvis, still recovering from his recent kidney transplant (which Elvis had helped to arrange and paid for), arrives to conduct the full orchestra and band rehearsal.

  • 1974

Elvis was back in the RCA Studio.

  • 1976

Dr. Nick and his family flew out to Denver at Elvis’ invitation. They returned the following day.

  • 1977

Elvis was in Palm Springs.

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