Elvis Presley’s Guitars

Elvis Presley was known to play several guitars throughout his career. Some of the guitars he played and became associated with include:

Gibson J-200: One of his most iconic guitars was the Gibson J-200, a large-bodied acoustic guitar known for its rich sound and ornate design. Elvis often used this guitar in his early career and it can be seen in many of his performances and photos.

Elvis Presley's Guitars

Gibson Dove: Another notable Gibson guitar that Elvis played was the Gibson Dove. This guitar is also an acoustic model with a distinctive dove design on the pickguard. It was used in various performances and recordings.

elvis Gibson Dove

Martin D-28: Elvis occasionally played a Martin D-28, a classic acoustic guitar known for its balanced tone and projection. It’s less commonly associated with him compared to his Gibson guitars, but he did use it at times.

elvis Martin D-28

Gretsch Country Gentleman: Elvis played an electric guitar as well, and the Gretsch Country Gentleman is one of the electric guitars he used. This guitar has a distinct hollow body and was used in some of his later performances.

Fender Stratocaster: While not as closely associated with Elvis as some of the other guitars, he did occasionally play a Fender Stratocaster during his career.

Elvis Presley’s Family and Relatives


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