Elvis Presley Hairstyle

Elvis Presley Hairstyle

Elvis Presley‘s hairstyle is an iconic aspect of his image that has left an enduring mark on pop culture. Known for his distinctive and stylish hair, Elvis’ signature look became a symbol of his unique persona and played a significant role in shaping his image as the King of Rock and Roll.

Elvis’ hairstyle is characterized by its pompadour and quiff style, which was a popular trend in the 1950s. The key features of his hairstyle included:

  1. Pompadour: The pompadour is a hairstyle where the hair is swept upwards from the forehead and worn high over the head. Elvis’ pompadour was often accompanied by a noticeable quiff at the front, creating a striking and voluminous appearance.
  2. Sideburns: Elvis was also known for his distinctive sideburns, which extended down to his jawline. This element of his hairstyle became a cultural trend during his time and contributed to his image.
  3. Gelled and Styled: Elvis achieved his signature look by using hair products such as pomade and hair gel to hold his hair in place and create volume. His hair was meticulously styled to maintain its shape, especially during performances and public appearances.
  4. Slicked Back Sides: While the front and top of Elvis’ hair were styled upward, the sides were often slicked back, emphasizing the height and volume of the pompadour.

Elvis’ hairstyle became an integral part of his identity and contributed to his overall stage presence. His charismatic performances, combined with his stylish appearance, helped solidify his image as a rock and roll icon. Over the years, Elvis’ hairstyle evolved slightly, adapting to changing trends and personal preferences, but the general pompadour and quiff style remained a consistent feature of his look.

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