Elvis Presley’s Favorite Sports

Elvis Presley Boxing

Elvis Presley had an appreciation for sports, although he wasn’t known for being deeply involved in athletic activities. Here are a few sports that he showed interest in:

Football: Elvis enjoyed playing touch football with friends and members of his entourage. In his younger years, he played on a football team while in high school.

Elvis Presley Football

Karate: While not a traditional sport, Elvis’s passion for karate was well-documented. He practiced martial arts and earned a black belt in karate, showcasing his commitment to physical discipline and self-defense.

Horseback Riding: Elvis had a fondness for horseback riding and spent time riding horses at his Graceland estate. This leisure activity allowed him to enjoy the outdoors and connect with nature.

Elvis Presley Horseback Riding

Racquetball: Elvis played racquetball occasionally and had a racquetball court built at Graceland. It provided him with a way to stay active and fit.

Golf: While not extensively known for playing golf, there are reports that Elvis occasionally played the sport, particularly during his time in Las Vegas.

Elvis Presley Golf

Billiards and Pool: Elvis enjoyed playing pool and billiards, which are more leisurely sports. He had a pool table at Graceland and would play with friends and members of his entourage.

Elvis Presley Billiard

Boxing: Elvis appreciated boxing and had a boxing ring set up at Graceland. He occasionally engaged in friendly sparring sessions with his friends.

Shooting and Firearms: Although not a traditional sport, Elvis enjoyed target shooting and had a collection of firearms. He would visit shooting ranges for recreation.

Water Skiing: Elvis had a passion for water sports and was skilled in water skiing. He often engaged in water skiing activities on lakes and rivers.

Tennis: While not extensively involved in tennis, there are a few instances where Elvis played tennis recreationally with friends.

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