Elvis Presley Art Works Part – 3 – 18 Art Works





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  1. Elvis Presley was not only the most handsome man to ever walk this earth he also had a voice that can never be matched ever by another artist he could sing any thing any key hit any note he was simply incomparable the King. He was an extremely king caring person too he helped millions with his never ending kindness and charity donations.H e made the small pox vaccination rate in teenager’s all over the US rise from some where around eight percent to over 80 percent by getting inoculated him self live on TV , within a short space of time the disease war declared bested by the US through the massive response from teenager’s having the needle after elvis did. He was one of the fist to donate to St Judes Hospital now the biggest in the US. Elvis was just an incredible human being and a down to earth human being and made people all over the world so happy and will continue to still do so for ever more he is unmatchable out in a league of his own a league with only one team in it and that is ELVIS THE KING PRESLEY ,God Bless Elvis.

  2. To Sara, does she sell her Elvis paintings? If so.for how much? I am 76 years of age, never got to see him live so would love to have a couple of portraits of him on my wall. Please respond.

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